Payroll Administration

SourcePointe’s team of payroll professionals deliver services beyond your expectations. Licensed and experienced in all 50 states and rising to the challenge of every need presented, our team is eager to serve you. Timekeeping, federal compliance, company policy and accuracy are our daily demands and we know how to meet them for you.

ASO & PEO Service AdvantagesASO Services

SourcePointe can operate as an Administrative Service Organization (ASO) or as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). ASO’s provide payroll, Human Resources and benefits administration. Taxes are paid by SourcePointe on behalf of the employer. For ASO’s, SourcePointe acts as the HR outsourcing firm. Our staff becomes an integral part of your company’s team.

Employee Leasing

SourcePointe offers an employee leasing option also known as Professional Employer Organization (PEO). This type of arrangement is also known as employee leasing. With Professional Employer Organizations, the burden of taxes is on the PEO. All hiring, firing and daily supervision of employees is strictly maintained by the employer- not the PEO. PEO clients are able to receive all of the same service offerings for payroll, benefits and human resources. PEOs are monitored and reviewed by states. Beginning in 2016, PEOs will have the option to be monitored by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This certification processes proves the credibility of the Professional Employer Organization. SourcePointe is excited about the opportunity to further prove our credibility to our clients.

Payroll Services

SourcePointe offers the ability to submit payroll information in a variety of ways. We have timekeeping systems that submit information directly to the managers for approval. Timekeeping is customized to the client’s needs and ensures compliance with all federal laws and with the company’s policies and procedures. This information is used for payroll thus preventing double entry of information. Checks and balances are in place to ensure that everything is processed accurately. We have licensed professionals with experience administering payroll in all 50 states. Our clients have a dedicated Payroll Administrator to assist them each time with their payroll and are always available to assist employees with any payroll issues they may have. We also provide client’s payroll data in an import to go directly into a company’s general ledger system.